Myths versus Facts: We Bust the False Rumors and Myths about Pit Bulls

Rumors and Myths about Pit Bulls

Pibbles are awesome dogs. Let’s stop some of the hate.

Time to set the record straight about this awesome breed.

It is hard to pinpoint the actual reason why pit bulls are typically stereotyped as short-tempered and nasty dogs. Maybe it has something to do with the big heads and muscular build of pit bulls, or maybe because Hollywood made the pit bull the official pet of gang members, crime lords, drug kingpins, or the typical bad guy or antagonist in movies and TV shows.


Not a bad guy, but a fun movie! John Wick 2 – Image Creds: 🙂

I agree that pit bulls have a somewhat vicious persona, but the pit bull is not the only dog with such an intimidating impression. Case in point, the Rottweiler or the Doberman, or even the German shepherd!

In my eyes, my German shepherd dog probably had the most beautiful dog face in the world. But my neighbors were petrified of my pooch! My dog never had a history of aggression or biting (only towards cats, but not always so), but I think it had something to do with the rough-and-tumble K9 image of the German shepherd.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

In truth, my shepherd was one of the sweetest, most loyal, and most intelligent doggies I have ever owned. Even as she was dying from a severe case of Canine Parvovirus, she would agonizingly stand up and wag her sickly tail to acknowledge my presence in the room. It was heartbreaking, to say the least.

That’s why I thought about writing an article on busting the myths and facts about pit bulls because these dogs have been stereotyped like the plague for as long as I can remember!

Myth #1 – Pit bulls despise humans

Here’s The Truth:

Nothing can be farther than the truth. Pit bulls actually love being around humans so much that their reputation for being a bad guard dog precedes them. It’s a known fact that some pit bulls will allow strangers or intruders to pet them in the head, but this is mostly a case to case scenario.

Pit bulls love to snuggle and cuddle all day. They also love belly rubs. Famous celebrities like Jon Stewart and fashion stalwart Marc Jacobs bring their pit bulls to work every day. They simply like being around their masters all day!

However, the same can’t be said when it comes to cats or other animals, but this will all depend on how the animal was raised in your household. I never taught my German shepherd to be cruel to cats, and so did my friend’s pit bull, but they get agitated at the mere scent of a feline intruder in their territory.

Pit bulls love being around humans, period.

Myth #2 – Pit bulls are a violent breed of dog.

Here’s The Truth:

It’s true that the ancestors of what is known today as the pit bull were raised and bred for blood sport way back in the olden days. Come to think about it, it’s not the pit bulls fault, either. HUMANS are to blame for this monstrosity, and the pit bulls name was tarnished in the history books once more.

sweet candy pitbull heart

A rare glimpse of the “intimidating” Pitbull’s heart… so sweet!

Pit bulls look like they can hold themselves in a fight. That’s not their fault. Genetics blessed them with a large head, powerful jaws, and a muscular physique much in the same way that Shaquille O’Neal was blessed with the kind of body that will dominate the entire NBA in the 1990s and Wilt Chamberlain in the mid 60’s and early 70’s.

Sure, pit bulls look mean and aggressive, but deep inside is a heart made of fluffy marshmallows with mild sprinklings of cotton candy. You got to look beneath the imposing persona to completely understand the surprisingly timid and loveable nature of pit bulls.

Myth #3 – Pit bulls are not good for/with kids.

Here’s The Truth:

While bully breeds have a natural tendency to exhibit a high prey drive against smaller animals, there are no studies that would suggest pit bulls are aggressive towards kids and children.

Again, this will have something to do with how the dog was raised and disciplined by the master. In fact, you only need to look at Handsome Dan, who was one of the 47 pit bulls that were saved from NFL star Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. Handsome Dan got along well with his adoptive family’s newborn baby, and would even peacefully curl near her bed as the baby takes a nap.

Considering the fact that Handsome Dan was probably exposed to one of the most abusive environments a dog can ever experience, it’s amazing how he adapted very well to living around humans and kids. This only goes to show that pit bulls being aggressive towards children is nothing but a stupid myth.

Myth#4 – Pit bulls have the bite intensity of a shark and they have locking jaws.

Here’s The Truth:

This is probably one of the first myths I heard about pit bulls. I am guilty of believing such a fact since pit bulls do have a terrifying image surrounding them back then.


These sharks give me the heebie jeebies!

Luckily enough, Science was quick enough to debunk the myth. Dr. Brady Barr conducted a study in 2008 about the bite force of dogs using sophisticated electronic equipment.

Yes, the pit bull’s bite was certainly not on the soft side (with those huge and powerful jaws) but it was nothing compared to the biting force of a Rottweiler or German shepherd. This has proven once and for all that if happen to be unlucky enough to get bitten by a dog, you better pray that it will come from a pit bull rather than a keen-eyed German shepherd.

As with the myth of the locking jaw, it is nothing but a wildly publicized urban legend. The pit bull’s jaw is no different from other canines and there is no locking jaw mechanism built into the anatomical jaw region of the dog.

Myth #5 – Banning pit bulls will make the world a safer place.

Here’s The Truth:

I have nothing but the lowest regard for BSL or breed-specific legislation. It just doesn’t make sense. Sure, it is foolish (and illegal) to take a lion or tiger as a pet, but pit bulls? Seriously?

Pit bulls are nothing but dogs, like your Golden Retriever, poodle, or Chihuahua. Pit bulls are not more dangerous than other dogs.  In fact, the American Temperament Test Society ranks the American Pit Bull Terrier with a score of 87%. This makes them one of the most love-able and affectionate breed of canine. Want to hear something more surprising? The pit bull is less aggressive than Retrievers and Beagles.

Final Barks

Our goal in busting the myths and rumors about pit bulls is not to tell the world that this is the best dog breed in the world (even though they might be 😉 ), but to inform and enlighten potential owners about the wonders of this misunderstood canine breed.



Summary of this sweet article:
Myths versus Facts: We Bust the False Rumors and Myths about Pit Bulls
Myths versus Facts: We Bust the False Rumors and Myths about Pit Bulls
It is hard to pinpoint the actual reason why pit bulls are typically stereotyped as short-tempered and nasty dogs. But a lot of false truths have surfaced over the years about pitbulls, and we're gonna talk about them.
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